About Us

So, you’re interested in who we are and what we do?

We are an NGO (non government organisation) as well as an NPO (non profit organisation) who try to help those who suffer from cancer. We are mostly oriented to brain cancer since, although it’s  not one of the most common types, its definitely one of the toughest ones.

Basically, the idea of walks for cancer is quite simple and easy. Sponsors pay you (as well as every other person in the race) to walk or run the certain mileage. The money earn goes to our organisation and is then transferred to the local, regional or national cancer sufferers organisation.

Cancer walks have begun somewhere in the 1980’s and are becoming more and more popular since. Today, cancer walks and cancer race have become the most popular way for people to try and raise money for the cause. Some of the money collected goes to early detection and education programs, but most of our money goes to research. Research is what saves lives of many people every year. Research is the only thing that can help get into cancer’s way.

A touching moment of mother, a cancer sufferer and her daughter after the race

We  are running for cancer because we believe every kind of help is needed. But always we try to remind everyone how complex and devastating suffering from cancer can be. Fighting cancer is more than running to raise money. It is more than positive thinking and smiling for the camera. It’s a fight greater than every other fight in your life and we ask you all to remember that and respect that! We are proud of all the cancer survivors,all those suffering, as well as those who didn’t make it through the fight.

But we still run for those who have the time and strength to try to fight back. Join Us and apply to our next run by looking at the contact page.

And a short message for the very end: