Cancer death rates continue to decline!

One of not many positive news from cancer research area is that the cancer death rates continue to decrease. This is show to be true for men, women, and children for all major ethnic and race groups. The latest Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer was collecting information from the year of 1975 to 2014. The report show that death rates decreased for eleven of the fifteen most common types of cancer in men from 2002 til 2010 and also decreased for thirteen of the eighteen most common types of cancer in women. We can see how not every type of cancer has a decrease in death rate. The most dangerous cancer types today still remain liver cancer, pancreas, and brain cancer in men and uterine cancer as well as liver cancer in women.

Cancer is still one of the most common severe diseases in the 21st century

It is also important to note that the five-year long survival for cancers diagnosed in between the ages of 2006 and the year 20120 increased significantly for all cancer types but two: cervix cancer and uterus cancer. The greatest increases were seen in kidney cancer and leukemia.

Fro 2006 til 2010 the types of cancer with the lowest five-year relative survival were pancreas cancer (with only 8.5 percent five year relative survival), liver cancer ( with 18.1 percent of five year survival), lung cancer ( with only 18.7 percent), esophagus cancer (20.5 percent), stomach (31.1 percent) and brain (35 percent of five year relative survival)

The types of cancer with the highest percentage of five year relative survival are: prostate cancer (as high as 99.3 percent!), thyroid cancer (98.3 percent), melanoma (93.2 percent) and female breast (90.8 percent).

This Report to the Nation is actually released every year. It is led by the American Cancer Society with the help of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI).