Where does the money from cancer runs go?

One of the most shocking facts about cancer is that every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer. One person every two minutes only in UK! Your support for events like Race for Life is what helps those people survive their illness. Governments do fund cancer researches in many countries, but the amount of money is often not enough for a proper research to take place. That’s where we, the people help. We are the ones that create more tomorrows for cancer sufferers.

Cancer research is the only thing that can stop cancer! That’s why it’s crucial to fund it.

But, now lets talk about what does your money buy for cancer researchers:

With only 5$ you can buy some crucial and essential lab chemicals for the researchers.

With only 11$ you buy scientists professional lab timer which help them tracking time needed for a cell to mutate.

23$ buy a lab coat for one scientist, which is a crucial part of the equipment.

With 53$ supply the research labs with beakers and flasks which are very important for all sorts of experiments.

50$ ca buy a scientific sieve which is used for separating out the bits of DNA to reveal vital clues about how to beat cancer sooner.

With only 100$ you pay for one patient’s Cytosponge test and analyzing their results in the lab which gives them a chance of diagnosing some early stages of esophageal cancer.

270$ covers all the costs of a trial for a day when trying to find the best treatment for children suffering from some rare types of leukemia.

Only 400$ is enough money for the Cancer Chat to be able to run completely for one day, helping thousands of people who are having difficult time coping with their illness.

Now you may be able to understand how even the smallest amount of money can make a huge difference. Every dollar is a huge help for those who are coping with the hardest fight of their lives. Are sponsors are donating much more for us to run, in order to bring more happy tomorrows to all the cancer sufferers.